Gundam Marker Set GMS105 - GMS126

Options: GMS108 Zeon Marker
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Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Set

1. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Basic Set GMS105
????[A 6 color set with 1 color brush pen ] The 5 colors of Gundam Marker: GM06 Blue, GM07 Red, GM08 Yellow, GM11 White, GM21 Wipe off (
2. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Zeon Set GMS108
????[All colors for Char's Zaku and Zaku] The 6 colors of Gundam Marker Zeon: GM34 Char Pink, GM35 Char Red, GM36 Zaku Dark Green, GM37 Zaku Light Green, GM38 Phantom Gray and GM39 Zeon Gray

3. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Seed Basic Set GMS109
????[All the basic colors for Strike and Freedom] The 6 colors of Gundam Marker Seed: GM40 Seed Red, GM41 Seed Yellow, GM42 Seed White, GM43 Seed Blue, GM44 Seed Gray and GM45 Seed Dark Blue

4. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Thin Point Type Set GMS110
????[Thin pen point type markers suitable for face & eyes of Gundam] The 6 colors of Gundam Marker Thin Point Type: GM46 Red, GM47 Yellow, GM48 Black, GM49 White, GM50 Fluorescent Pink and GM51 Metal Green

5. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Advanced Set GMS124
????[New marker set for latest Gunpla] The 6 colors of Gundam Marker Advanced Set: GM166 New White, GM167 Red Gold, GM168 Light Blue, GM169 Purple, GM170 Titan's Blue and GM171 Char Pink 2

6. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Pour Type Set GMS122
????[5 colors and Marker Remover are included] The colors are: GM302 Gray, GM303 Brown, GM311 Blue, GM312 Orange, GM313 Olive and GM300 Marker Remover

7. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Sangoku Soketsuden Set GMS100C
????[For SD Sangoku Soketsuden] These metallic paints colors are: GMC01 SDSS Metallic Green, GMC02 SDSS Metallic Blue, GMC03 SDSS Metallic Red, GMC04 SDSS Metallic Violet, GMC05 SDSS Gold and GM20 Brush Type Black

8. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Metallic Set GMS121
????Metallic Colors: gold, silver, metallic blue, metallic red and metallic green. A black brush type GM20 marker included.

9. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Metallic Set 2 GMS125
????Metallic Colors: Metallic Black, Metallic Dark Blue, Metallic Yellow Green, Metallic Orange, Metallic Pink and Metallic Shine Silver

10. Mr Hobby Gundam Marker Fine Edge Set 2 GMS126
????Consists of: GM178 Gold, GM179 Silver, GM180 Gun Metallic, GM181 Royal Red, GM182 Cosmo Blue and GM183 Mecha Gray

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