• This VIP program is open to all ISA Hobby members.
  • Members can enjoy benefits of our VIP Ranking once their spending amount has meet our requirement.
  • VIP members will be in our VIP program for twelve (12) months.
  • VIP ranking will be downgraded for one (1) level after twelve (12) months.
  • To maintain the VIP ranking, members will have to spend the minimum amount for the respective ranking for twelve (12) consecutive months.
Example: Andrew spent a total of RM 12,000 on 2nd Dec 2022, thus he will be ISA Hobby UR member starting from next purchase until 1st Dec 2023.
Within the period of 2nd Dec 2022 to 1st Dec 2023:
If he spent more than RM 3,000, his current VIP tier will remain as UR for one more year from 2nd Dec 2023 to 1st Dec 2024;
If he spent less than RM 2,999, his VIP ranking will be downgraded to SSR. (He has to spend more than RM7, 000 upgrade to UR again.)
  • Members will receive upgrade bonus once their ranking has been upgraded.
  • ISA Hobby reserves the right to amend the VIP Program and any of the above terms & conditions from time to time without prior notice.