Yolopark Ultraman Zero 1/6 Scale Model Kit - Unpainted

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From Yolopark, Dimension Studio x Eastern Model present the Ultraman Zero 1/6 Scale Model Kit


  • Approx 30 cm height
  • Product Content
    • Sword x1(Update)
    • Outer thigh armor x2??
    • Sword*1(Update)
    • Main body x1/Backpack x1/Hand replacement x10
    • Breastplate replacement x1/Shoulder armor replacement x2
    • Spacium light saber x2/Spacium machetex2/ Spacium sword x1
    • Light saber special effect part*2/Machete special effect part*2
    • Connection part of Machete*1
    • Connection part of left arm and sword*1
    • Connection part of right arm and sword*
  • Model Kit, Assembly Required
  • Great Details

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