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Quantity : 399 pcs worldwide
Scale: 1/270
Size :??
?? ?? ??Height: 40.5cm
?? ?? ??Width: 32cm
?? ?? ??Length: 61cm
?? ?? ??Material: Vinyl

Product Description

"Since nearly all kaiju are usually giant reptiles, insects, or some hybrid, it was fun to come up with a new mammal that combined traits of woolly mammoths, apes, and giant sloths."
- Mike Dougherty

Spiral Studio is proud to present the third release from Titans of the Monsterverse, with the most beloved original Titan from Legendary Pictures, Titanus Behemoth.

TOTM-BH004: Behemoth was delicately sculpted by none other than Tanaka Kenichi(Tanaka Studio). Utilizing the official assets, we are delivering what was portrayed in the movie, no matter how small the details, with an aim of bringing about the most accurate depiction of Behemoth that one will ever see. Additionally, collectors will get to customize Behemoth using included DIY Foliage Kit* to enhance its realism even further.

Add Behemoth to your collection to complete your ?€?Dawn of the Titans?€? scene or put him up against his rival, Amhuluk(coming soon) today!

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