Mr Hobby Mark Softer/Setter & Cement

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1)Mr. Mark Softer 40ml
~It acts as softening agent for slidemarks/water decals. It helps to adhere slidemarks to curved surfaces.

2)Mr. Mark Setter 40ml
~It provides greater adhesiveness by using it together with Mr. Mark Softer.

3)Mr. Cement SP 40ml & SPB
~It is a stronger and thinner solvent glue which helps to assemble or adhere model parts where any evidence of gluing is unwanted.

4)Mr. Cement S 40ml
~It helps to attach parts together by pouring it into the space between them.

5)Mr. Cement Deluxe (25ml / 40ml)
~It is appropriate for attachment between plastic parts in models i.e. sterol resin plastics.

MS231-Tool Mr Mark Softer
MS232-Tool Mr Mark Setter
MC127-Tool Mr Cement Deluxe
MC129-Tool Mr Cement S
MC131-Tool Mr Cement SP
MC124-Tool Mr Cement Deluxe 25ml
MC132-Tool Mr Cement SPB Black 40ml

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