HeatBoys Mecha Ninja Turtle - Raphael TMNT-02

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ETA Sep 2024

From HeatBoys presents Mecha Ninja Turtle - Raphael TMNT-02

  • Size: 230mm in height
  • Material : ABS , PVC , Die-Cast
  • Contents:

    Mecha Turtle TMNT-02 *1

    Metal Power Arms *2

    Metal Power Arm Connection Base *1

    Drilling Energy Light Beam Cannons *2

    Combat Giant Claws *2

    Multi-Functional Combat Giant Arms *2

    Left Wheel Launchers *2

    Replacement Headgear *1

    Driver Raphael and Turtle Car Parts (Green) *1

    Mechanical Pizza *1

    Magnetic Control Light Set *1

    Calipers *2

    Caliper Stands *2

    Drilling Handles *2

    Arm Connecting Pieces A *2

    Arm Connecting Pieces B *2

    Arm Connecting Pieces C *2

    Multi-Functional Connecting Pieces *4

    Left Wheel Gun Holsters *2

    Stand Connecting Pieces *2

    Multi-Functional Base *1

    First Edition Bonus: Driver and Turtle Car Parts (Transparent Green) *1

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